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emmapicMy name is Emma McKee and I’m a storyteller.

I’ve always loved to make up stories.  As young as five, I was replaying my favorite television shows in my head and changing the endings to suit my tastes.  And I couldn’t wait to go to school (despite dire warnings from an older cousin that it was “just awful”) because I would get to learn to read.  That love for reading and my dissatisfaction with those darned television writers led to the next natural step: writing my own stories,

You’d think that knowing I wanted to write at such a young age would have me on a best-seller list by now.  However, since I came of age in the olden days of actual typewriters—manual ones, not electric—I never got my typing speed up past 13 wpm, I became an accountant.

And, like most accountants, I led a pretty dull life, except when I was daydreaming.

You can’t squelch the muse forever.  I started scribbling in notebooks again, then a miracle!  God created the PC.  Suddenly, I and my infernal internal editor could create and revise to our hearts’ content.

I’m getting close to seeing my first book, A Turn of the Cards, published, and hoping more will follow soon.

I live a dull and boring accountant’s life near St. Louis, Missouri with my husband. He’s not dull or boring but real-life action hero. And we share our house with two terrorists—er, terriers, who own us.